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Valley Community Chapel School & Daycare is a licensed Child Care Center open to students ages 2 to 12 years old.  We offer a comprehensive preschool and kindergarten program, as well as full-time daycare.  Our program provides families with the flexibility they need in securing part-time or full-time care for their children in an environment they can trust.

The purpose of our school and daycare is to provide a Christian environment where your child can be nurtured and educated.  We incorporate Biblical principals and Christian love in all we do.  In fact, our school's motto is "Love Grows Here."  We are committed to assisting you with the growth and development of your child(ren) from a comprehensive point of view:  This includes physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, intellectually and spiritually.

Our staff has been carefully chosen to reflect our philosophy and goals.  Each member is trained in Early Childhood Education and meets state requirements for working in a licensed child care center.  Each staff member is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of love and care for your child.  Our staff participates in a continuous program of in-service training and seeks to stay informed of Early Childhood educational needs in an effort to support and serve our families and students.


Preschool Program


We base our philosophy of childcare on the Christian principals laid out for us in the Word of God – the Bible. We believe that each child is a special gift from God and should be treated with love as modeled by Jesus Christ.  That's why our school's slogan is "Love Grows Here”.  We believe that:

Each child is unique and therefore early learning should be developmentally appropriate and based on each child’s individual needs and abilities. An early childhood education program should provide an environment where children are safe to develop to their fullest potential physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, intellectually and spiritually. Early childhood care and education is a joint ministry that involves the school, the church, the staff, the family, and the child.

Our school is also in compliance with the highest standards laid out by local, county and state requirements. VCC Preschool operates as an integral entity of Valley Community Chapel who, as the main body of the over-all operation, has the ultimate responsibility of insuring this compliance.


The purpose of VCC Preschool is to provide a Christian environment where the whole child can be nurtured and educated.  God and His love for us are not just limited to “Bible time"  but are included in all areas of study throughout the day.  Our primary goals are to provide:

  • Opportunities for Christian growth through Bible stories, songs, and Chapel time.

  • Activities for the child that help build a positive foundation for future social, physical and academic interests.

  • Opportunities to develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Time for children to work and play cooperatively and develop social relationships.


Kindergarten Program

Our vision is to provide a quality learning experience with an effective student/teacher ratio, in a safe and Christ centered environment. Our goal is to prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally for 1st grade -- and a lifetime of learning.  We will constantly challenge each student to academic excellence with a Christian perspective.  Each student will be inspired to reach their academic potential.

We also know how important it is to show the love of Jesus in all we do.  Your children will not only be taught Christian principles but will be surrounded by a loving staff that models Christian behavior.  Our kindergarten teacher, Shelly Sheckler, has a special talent for encouraging children with gentle words and a positive attitude.

Our Kindergarten program is half-day, from 9am to 1pm.  We also offer before and after school daycare.

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